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Disclosure X salute @ SELECTED Medellín

The collaborative DJ set by Disclosure and salute during SELECTED Sessions in Medellín, Colombia, has been widely celebrated for its innovative approach and growth in the music industry. The session, captured on TikTok, featured energetic performances and showcased a dynamic fusion of their unique styles. Their pop-up show, marked by unreleased music, exemplified the fresh direction they are bringing to the DJ scene, demonstrating the kind of back-to-back (B2B) collaboration that the DJ community has been longing for.

This joint set underscores the importance of collaboration and showcases a new level of creativity and synergy in electronic music. By choosing Medellín as their stage, Disclosure and salute have also highlighted Colombia's growing prominence as a hotspot for electronic music events. Their performance at the City Hall el Rodeo venue not only drew significant attention but also set a precedent for future B2B sessions, making this a memorable milestone in the DJ community.

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