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Mobsters by K-Trap

Updated: May 6

K-Trap's latest single "Mobsters," featuring Blade Brown, brings an impressive visual treatment that captures the essence of their gritty, assertive style. The song is part of their mixtape "Joints," which includes several high-energy tracks, the newly dropped visuals for "Mobsters" sticks out as it features the two artists in a shipping yard watching over workers handling boxes that allude to their trap money making methods, both artists feature an intense performance against a dope backdrop that complements the song's gnarly beat and no-nonsense lyrical delivery.

Produced by X10 and M1OnTheBeat, "Mobsters" features top-notch production that perfectly complements the gritty lyrics of K-Trap and Blade Brown. This track is a preview of K-Trap's forthcoming debut album, "SMILE?", which is scheduled for release on May 31st. The single draws inspiration from classic gangster films, adding a rich, cinematic layer to the rollout of his project, offering fans a deeply immersive experience.

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